Artist designed wallpapers

Artist designed wallpapers by Muriel Design. Luxurious, handprinted wallpaper, designed with and made with craft by British artist Sarah Jane Palmer.

Each artist designed wallpaper by Muriel Design has that special quality of being more than just pattern. Sometimes erotically-charged, sometimes romantically whimsical, usually only visible with a second glance.

Artist and designer Sarah Jane Palmer draws on historical archives to create designs that will bring intrigue to any room. She is the creator of the first handcrafted animated wallpapers that combines tradition printing with modern technology. She combines both contemporary art practice with design for the luxury interiors market, attracting a growing international audience.

Designs can be customised too – a personalised colour palette can be finished in a range of techniques, such as animated sections, flocking or glitter. The collection is ever-evolving rendered into beautiful intricate pattern work that will make a talking point of any wall.

Interactive wallpaper? The scope for this brilliant concept is vast.


Interior Designer.

A lovely and original idea, can't wait to see where you take it.  


Celebrity Interior Designer.

A beautiful, original addition to the wallpaper world.


Design Writer and Curator