Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I order samples?

2. What’s the best way to calculate the amount I need to order?

3. How long will it take to receive my order?

4. Can I Commission my own design, colours and special paints?

5. Can you suggest different ways to use Muriel wallcoverings?

6. What is the best way to hang Muriel wallcoverings?

7. Can I hang the wallcovering in a bathroom or kitchen?

8. How much does your handmade wallcoverings cost?

9. What colours are available?

10. What are the wallcovering dimensions and repeat sizes?

Q1. Can I order samples?

We can provide samples at a small charge. Further information is on our order page.

Q2. What’s the best way to calculate the amount I need to order?

If you give us your room dimensions, we can calculate the amount of wallcovering you will require. We advise you to over-estimate rather than under-estimate because it is hard to match colours precisely for subsequent additional orders.

Q3. How long will it take to receive my order?

As each commission is hand made to order, it may take as long as six weeks before we can deliver. It is usually considerably less than this, and we are happy to try to respond to any particular deadline you may have.

Q4. Can I Commission my own design, colours and special paints?

Many of Muriel Wallcoverings originated as contemporary art installation pieces for gallery exhibitions and private commissions. If you have a pattern or a theme in mind, we will be happy to discuss translating this into a wallcovering or wall-art design for you. Prices are negotiable.

If you don’t see the colour combination that you want from our existing designs, we can try and match your needs, but be warned that any colour from a paint swatch will look different when set against a second colour.

We can also print our designs in eco paints on recycled paper and we can use metallic paints in gold and silver, for top colours and we are currently developing a handmade flock that comes in a rainbow of colours and gold leaf service too.

There is a supplement for this service. Contact us for more information.

Q5. Can you suggest different ways to use Muriel wallcoverings?

There are two principal ways to use wallpaper. You may use wallpaper as the centre of attention, by hanging it as a single panel or as an eye catching wall of pattern. If so, you should paint the other walls a colour that compliments the wallpaper in order to balance the whole room.

Alternatively, cover all 360 degrees of the room in wallpaper. This brings a sense of magic to your space, like wrap around sound. It is best to paint all the woodwork in the wallpaper’s base colour, to create harmony.

All these wallpapers are designed as backgrounds to pictures and furniture. If this is your style, choose colours close in tone. If, on the other hand, you want to create drama, you may want to syncopate patterns or deliberately offset the colours.

We can also provide limited edition or one -off prints of the designs you like if you just wanted a framed version of the pattern against a plane wall.

Q6. What is the best way to hang Muriel wallcoverings?

It is advisable to start with perfectly smooth, clean walls, so use good quality lining paper and a ready prepared tub of paste to avoid the problems of mixing. If hanging the paper yourself, you are advised to choose a simple design that does not need to meet up at the edges. Wallpaper needs to be hung straight, so use a plumb line for the first panel. Draw a line down the wall and match the paper up against it. Once that is straight, the rest will line up.

Depending on which quality of paper you wish to choose depends on the way they are applied to the wall. Traditional Woven paper needs to have the paper pasted first before applying to the wall. This is the traditional way to hang wallpapers. The more expensive quality paper non-woven fibre based is very strong and does not need the paste applying to the paper. It is much easier and you only apply the paste to the wall not the paper. Depending on the colours and designs you choose will depend on which paper your design will be printed onto. This will be clearly outlined with the product.

Q7. I want to hang my wall paper in a bathroom or kitchen. How can I protect it?

Certain papers can be splash protected with a special product.  Please get in touch to discuss this further as the it changes the surface texture with a slight glaze.

Q8. How much does a roll of handmade wallpaper cost?

The paper is charged by the metre, there is a minimum requirement of 5 metres per order and no VAT.

Q9. What colours are available?

Any combination of two colours is possible. This is a bespoke service – everything is made to order. The images shown on the website are from past commissions. If you want another colour scheme, we will be happy to discuss your requirements. We usually use Ecos Paints as a base colour  – so you can use these as references. The actual prints colours can be mixed to match requirements.

Q10. What are the wallpaper dimensions and repeat sizes?

Each roll measures 53cms wide, min. 5m long. max. 10m long Repeat lengths are as follows:

Amoret Collection:

Soixante-Neuf – 295mm

Love – 260mm

69er – 260mm

Handstand – 145mm