The wallcoverings have been broken down into three price brackets, Platinum, Silver and Gold. I offer a tailor made sample printing for all three ranges of printing with specific colours to tailor to your requirements. There are many different variations of each service so the price is set at the starting retail price.

All base papers are made and supplied by Anaglypta® since 1887, one of the best known and oldest wallpaper producers from the UK. The sample printing service starts from £50 which will be deducted from the overall cost of the order should it be made. If you wish to order a sample pack please contact me to discuss colours and textures.


From RRP £30.24 per metre

This service is for 1 colour printing. A variety of different paper qualities, surface textures and colours are available.


From RRP £62.04 per metre 

This service is for 2 colour printing and specific hand painted base colours.


From RRP £96.16 per metre

This service is for Flock and Gold Leaf.

Postage and packaging from £10 in the UK